A2M for Arthritis: The M Stands For ‘Miraculous’

A2M for Arthritis The M Stands For ‘Miraculous’Ok, it doesn’t actually stand for that. It’s technically Alpha 2 Macroglobulin, but it is as close to a miracle treatment for arthritis as you are likely to find right now—and it is not a gimmick or medical fad. It is a tried and true medical treatment that not only works (and works well), but it heals your body using natural methods. No drugs or pharmaceuticals.

What more could an arthritis sufferer ask for?

Think back to Pac-Man, the little yellow video game character that travels around mazes eating those little orbs. Now, imagine how much easier that game would be if the orbs actually moved towards Pac-Man—attracted to him like a magnet or moths to a flame. Sounds like a pretty easy day for our circular little hero, right?

Well, that’s pretty much what A2M does to the enzymes responsible for deteriorating your cartilage. It draws them in and, in a way, “eats” them—it breaks them down to the point where they can no longer cause damage to your body.


The best part is that A2M is natural. Your body produces it. However, the problem is it doesn’t produce enough of the protein in one local area (your joints) to effectively combat the enzymes and chemicals that break down your cartilage. All your doctor needs to do is get a pure, concentrated amount to inject into your joints where they can do their miraculous work. To achieve this, they draw some of your blood (about 100 cc’s) and extract the protein through complex centrifuges and filters. No fuss with drugs or artificial chemicals or even worrying about if someone else’s blood is compatible with yours. Doctors just use what is already in your body and concentrate it to the areas where they are needed.


The story gets better. A2M gets to work immediately and patients sometimes have pain relief within the same day of the treatment. It is not a temporary fix either. The A2M reduces the number of enzymes to a level that your body can manage, which gives you and your doctors a chance to work on rebuilding your cartilage through regenerative treatments.

As great as A2M is, like any medicine, it is not right for everyone. However, if you suffer from osteoarthritis, there’s a good chance that A2M is what you are looking for. It is well worth it to give New Medical Center a call and receive a simple, inexpensive test of your synovial fluid to see if A2M treatment will work as the first step to fixing your arthritis.




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