Nick: Total Lost 40 pounds on 40 day program

I've struggled with my weight pretty much my entire life. I've always been able to gain weight easily which has been tough to keep under control. I played football my senior year of college at 280lbs. Within 3 years of graduation, due to my poor nutrition, I peaked at 340lbs. Fortunately a few years later, I was able to get back to the 280lb mark. I have tried many diets over the years with minimal to no luck. Even if I lost a few pounds, I ended up gaining it back shortly after.

When I started the HCG diet, I was 276lbs. Even though the nutrition portion was tough due to the strict foods, it was well worth it. With the shots of HCG, I never felt hungry despite the low calories I consumed every day. That was the most shocking to me. During the 40 days, I retrained my brain to realize that I don't need the massive portion sizes or sugar I have been consuming my whole life. My body could not only survive, but still thrive, on a lot less calories due to the excess my body had stored over the years. At the end of the 40 days, I lost a total of 40lbs and weighed in at 236lbs.

I look better, but most of all, I feel much better. Everyday tasks are easier. When I run, my joints don't hurt. I have more energy to play with my boys. It's amazing the difference 40lbs can make in your everyday life. I am much more conscious about what I put into my body. Even though my diet has ended, I continue to eat healthy with smaller portions and am not hungry. I enjoy the healthier foods I am eating. I've been off the diet for 4 weeks and have lost another 15 lbs by eating healthy and following the new healthy habits I established while on the diet. I now weigh 221lbs and haven't weighed this since I was 16, over 20 years ago.

I like to think of this as a program, not a diet. A diet to me means that at some point it ends. This program is never ending to me because I am now a healthier individual than I used to be and I have no desire to slip back into my old ways. Throughout this program you can retrain yourself and establish new habits to make smarter and healthier lifestyle choices.

I would highly recommend this program to anybody looking to shed a few pounds and establish a much more productive and healthy lifestyle.


Update: Nick has continued to lose weight with his new healthy lifestyle for 76 total pounds lost.

Leigh: Total Lost 24 pounds on 40 day program.

I have struggled with weight since I was a teenager and have been on many different weight loss programs. The HCG Diet at New Medical Center is, by far, the easiest to follow with the most motivating results. While truly enjoying lean meats, vegetables and fruits, it seemed almost effortless to lose 24 pounds in 40 days. I continue to maintain that loss and plan to participate in the program again. I feel confident that my results will be positive and that NewMed will support me on my journey to a better, healthier lifestyle.

Wes: Total Lost 22 pounds in 23 day program.

I wasn't super stoked about this diet at first but I did it to support my girlfriend. I am now 20 pounds lighter and it really wasn't that bad. I have a lot more energy now and I feel like it jump started my metabolism, as I have lost 5 more pounds since stabilization period. It's been easier to avoid the foods I used to crave and I feel I can maintain this new way of eating.

Glen: Total Lost 38.9 in 40 day program.

The HCG program at New Medical Center has been such a rewarding experience. The support and encouragement helped me stay the course. I have become more conscious of healthy food choices while maintaining balance and not feeling deprived. I enjoyed "normal" home cooked meals with easy preparation. Really, these were foods I would eat regularly, i just learned to prepare them healthier and in the right portion size to lose weight. The result? 38.9 pounds less of me in 40 days and less joint pain, increased energy levels, and a new wardrobe.



Update: Glen has continued to lose weight with his new healthy lifestyle for 60 total pounds lost.

Beth: Total Lost 16.5 pounds in 23 day program.

The HCG diet was the jump start I needed to get "back on the wagon." When I ate terrible, I felt terrible and it was hard to focus on meal planning, eating healthy, and exercising. My energy level was low, my stomach always hurt, and I was so disappointed in the way my clothes fit. I have a vast knowledge of healthy eating, exercise, and overall wellness but I just couldn't get it together.
I needed a program that was easy to follow and forced me to commit, not just for a week or so, but for the weeks it took to clean up my eating, regain energy, and find my focus. Was the HCG diet hard? Yes. Is it worth it? YES. Once I got into it, the weight loss was motivating and I didn't want to hinder my progress so the idea of "I'll just have one little piece of (Fill in the blank)" was not an option. After 23 days I was able to lose 16.5 pounds and gain a whole new perspective that left me feeling amazing.
The support system of my significant other and co-workers made a huge difference. I am really looking forward to being that support system for our patients. Even though everyone's journey is different, going through it firsthand makes it much easier to relate our patients' going through the same process. I look forward to celebrating your life changing moments with you as you regain your health and happiness!