Neuropathy in Waupun, WI

Neuropathy is damage to, or disease affecting the nerves, and this can be associated with your feet, legs, arms, hands, and back. Neuropathy is a progressive disease, and if left untreated it WILL get worse. It is crucial to address the disease before it goes into a non-treatable status. People with Neuropathy experience these symptoms:

  • Numbness
  • Burning Pain
  • Cramping
  • Sharp Electrical Pain
  • Prickling
  • Tingling
  • Balance Problems and Falls
  • Can’t Sleep from Foot Pain
  • Numb or painful feet and hands
  • Feels like you are walking on marshmallows or marbles
  • Burning or cramping in your feet or legs
  • Tingling or pain in your hands

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What causes Neuropathy?

  • Diabetes
  • Poor circulation
  • Chemotherapy drugs
  • Surgeries
  • Autoimmune diseases
  • Alcohol
  • Cigarette Smoking

What are the benefits of our Neuropathy Treatment?

  1. Increase the Blood Flow to Your Limbs and Heal the Nerves - blood flow restored with new LED Therapy, an FDA Cleared Neurolight Therapy.
  2. Electrical Stimulation to Rehabilitate the Nerves - nerve function is restored with innovative patented treatment used to repair nerve responses.
  3. The Foods You Eat Could be Making Your Pain and Inflammation Worse - certain foods cause inflammation and damage to your nerves. Proper nutrition can greatly reduce your Neuropathy symptoms.

Successful neuropathy treatment can increase blood flow, stimulate the nerves, decrease inflammation, and be activated through therapy.

This minimally invasive treatment allows you to return to the activities you love with a reduced risk of side effects, infection, or increased damage.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. I am not that bad yet, can’t I wait till it gets worse?

Remember Neuropathy is a progressive, degenerating disease. We CAN NOT help a killed nerve, if you wait until then, the nerve can no longer be helped and can result in amputation.

As Neuropathy gets worse, people start suffering more. They start sitting a lot more, and they stop doing the activities they love to do.

2. Do you have to be diabetic to have Neuropathy?

No. There are many other symptoms that can also lead to Neuropathy. A few examples of other conditions that can lead to Neuropathy are: Poor circulation, chemotherapy drugs, surgeries, autoimmune diseases, alcohol, and cigarette smoking.

3. What is the treatment for Neuropathy?

The first step is to find out if you are a candidate for care and what you will need. The team at New Medical Center will perform a consultation, 16 point neurological evaluation, and a recommended treatment plan.

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